Piusnagar: St. pius X Parish

This Roman Catholic parish is in Hanglur Village of Kundapur Taluka in Udupi District of Karnataka.It is siktuated 100 k.m. away from Mangalore, 1.5 k.m. west of N.H. No.17 to Mumbai. On the west the Arabian Sea, on the East the Konkan Railway on the north Kundapura Taluka head quarters, and on the south Anegudde Temple road are the bounderies of the parish.
The parish is considerably thickly populated with Hindu, Muslim and Christian people. The area is developing and more and more people are settling down in this area, because Kundapura city is developing towards the parish.
People of the area have taken a variety of ways and means of living. There are businessmen, fishermen, agriculturists, daily manuel labourers, technitians, builders and so on. Many work in Mumbai and Gulf and other places also.
But Catholics of the parish are mostly live on agriculture and daily manual labour.
A few are working outside the parish.
Catholic Populalation
There are 314 Roman Catholic families in the parish spread  around in 10 wards, numbering about 1500 Catholic population. The furtest family  is about 12 k.m. from the Church.
Establishment of the Parish
It was established on 25-10-1959 and the existing Church was formerly blessed on 10-4-1961. since then the parish saw six enthusiastic parish priests.
Parish Pastorial Council
It is actively involved in parish life. We have 48 members now. The present President of it is Fr. Maxim Noronha, Vice president Mr. Philiph Fernandes, Secretary Mrs. Lilly Fernandes. The Council meets once in every 3 months. This council has sub Committees like Finance Committee, Liturgical Committee, Youth, Cultural and Social Committee and Family Welfare Committee.
Parish Assembly
Parish members above 18 years come under this assembly. The assembly  meets twice a year and fork major undertakings.
Renovation of the Church
The major part of the renovation was done during the time of  Fr. Vincent D'Souza and the Sacristy was newly built during the present Parish priest Fr. Maxim Noronha. The German Church Bell and the bellfry was erected during the time of Fr. Jacob Crasta.
Renovation of the Church
The major part of the renovation was done during the time of  Fr. Vincent D'Souza and the Sacristy was newly built during the present Parish priest Fr. Maxim Noronha. The German Church Bell and the bellfry was erected during the time of Fr. Jacob Crasta.
Chruch Hal
The Silver Jubilee projects were started by Fr. Sylvester D'Souza with a hall building which saw it's completion during the time of Fr. Vincent D'Souza. Who has also the credit of initiating the new presbytery and bring it to completion.
St. Pius X English Medium School
It was a great land mark in the history of the parish to begin the English medium school in the year 1997. The School made a remarkable progress in no time after the sisters took up the school. Now we havae 370 students in standards upto VI, and LKG and UKG. It will have its natural growth upto SSLC, increasing one class each every year.
St. Ann of Providence Sisters
Service of the regligious sisters in the parish was a felt need of the parish. Sisters of St. Ann of Providence Congregation began their mission in the parish in 1997. Their presence in the school made an outstanding growth  in the strength of the students. At present the sisters are temporarily staying in the school building itself until the new convent building is built.
St. Anton's Chapel
The farthest famileis are about 12 km from the Church. To help them for their religious needs, a chapel dedicated to St. Antony of Padua was erected at Kotshwar in the same year 1997.
Carmelite Fathers House
The arrival of Carmelite fathers at Katkere near Koteshwar was another land mark in the history of the parish. After their arival, they began to offer daily Mass at Koteshwar Chapel.
MILAN, the Parish Bulletine
This parish bulletine reaches every family of the  parish and all the parishioners outside the parish thrice a year, during Christmas Easter and the nativity of mother Mary. It caries the news of the parish.
Regular Events
-Daily Mass in the Church and Chapel at 6.30 am.
-Sunday obligation Mass at Koteshwar Chapel at 5 pm every Saterday.
-Sunday masses in the Church at 7am for elders and 10.30 am for children.
-Sunday catechism classes for children: Saterday 3.30 at Chapel and 9.30 am in the Church.
-Charismatic prayer meet on every Wednesday at 5.15 pm.
-Novena to St. Pius X on Tuesday and to Perpetual Succour on Saterday, both after the morning Masses.
-Feast of St. Puis X Patron on August 21st every year.
-Parish feast on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of January every year.
-Confriternity Sunday is celebrated on the previous Sunday of the parish feast every year. In this celebration we have an Eucharistic procession to NH 17, where we have benediction and homily, and from recent years a religious, cultural show in kannada as a type of evangelisation.
-Annual sports and competions in the parish level are held on the nativity of mother
Mary feast every year, ie, on 8th of September.
Pious associations and Sodalities
We have 10 such organisations. They serve as per their charisms.
a) Alter Boys (meetings every Sterday at 4pm) (Services: Mass Serving & personal
sanctification, prayer, discipline & games)
b) C.L.C. Girls (meetings every Sunday at 9am) (Services: Prayer, Church decoration, Cleanliness, word of God, picnics, competitions, personal sanctification)
c) C.Y.M. (meetings 1st & 3rd Sundays after Morning Mass) (services: Organising the youth of the Parish, devt. of talents, leadership thro service, sports, soc.& cltu.activities)
d) Legion of Mary (meetings after 7am Mass all Sunday) (Services: Prayer, pious activities, personal sanctification, visit to needy)
e) Tertiaries (meetings on 4th Sunday after mass)(Services: Prayer, simplicity of life style lay
apostolate, pious works)
f) C.L.C.-Women (meetings every saterday after mass)(Services:Prayer, Church work, personal sanctification, Word of God.)
g) Choir (meetings all Friday 5.30pm) (Services: Church Singing, Liturgy, devotion)
h) Christopher association (meetings once in 4 months) (Services: Supporting the cause of drivers, vehile owners)
i) Catholic Sabha (meetings 2nd Sunday after mass) (Services: Social & political awareness)
j) S.V.P.Society (meetings every Sunday after mass) (Services: Helping the needy for livelihood, education, health & rehabilitation.
- Alter boys secured 1st place among the Deanery level Alter Boys.
- C.Y.M. of 1997-98 was awarded as "the Exemplary Youth Group" by the Diocesan Youth Centre.
- Catholic Sabha was succesful in collecting shares for Janavahini Kannada daily, run by Catholics, worth more than Rs. 2 lakhs.
- Parish teams organised by C.Y.M., came 1st in the deanery in Throwball, singing and tug of war competitions and  sports.
Cultural Show
Major event of the cultural show takes place every year on the evening of the parish feast day.
Charitable Funds
Many have established funds to help out the needy for education, health and general purpose.
Bank interest from each fund is distributed to the needy.
Catholics in Society
Catholics have a voice in the society. They are involved in good works in the society through
the clubs like Rotary, Lions etc.
Christa Jayanti 2000
As the whole Church busy preparing for the jubilee of Our Lord, the whole parish is gathering momentum in the same direction. People are actively engaged in the spiritual, social, and ecclasiastical programmes to  make the event memorable.
Future Projects
- efforts towards making the parish more active and responsible to the mission of the Church
1) St. pius X English Medium School
2) St. Ann Providence Convent Sisters
3) Carmelite Community at Katkere - Koteshwar
4) St. Anthony Chapal Koteshwar

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