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Best Strike

The indefinite strike by the staffers of BEST Undertaking from 22nd April has crippled the lifeline of Mumbai. Besides the Railways, the BEST too is the lifeline of Mumbai. For workers working in areas like Chembur and where the Railways do not touch, the BEST is the only hope and striking BEST staff have crippled the hope of the city. The Government of Maharashtra must look into upgrading the road transportation system in the city of Maharashtra by permitting Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation [MSRTC], Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport [NMMT], Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Transport [KDMT] to introduce their services within the city of Mumbai and extend it to the nodes within their limits. This will also help in reducing the travails faced by the commuters due to BEST services.

Cajetan Peter D'Souza

ICPA Awards

The Indian Catholic Press Association [ICPA] has invited nominations for the ICPA 2006 Awards for Christians who has made significant contribution to promote, to campaign for and defend Christian Values, human rights and the cause of the poor and the marginalised people through journalism and mass communication. Similarly there are many Catholic Press letter-writers who contribute towards the similar cause and are defending Christian values through journalism and mass communication. But unfortunately the Catholic Press letterwriters are not being recognised for their outreach in building the just society through the power of their pen. Catholic Press letterwriters are torch-bearers of Christ who stand for the Church and the people through the medium of the letters. We request the Indian Catholic Press Association [IPCA] to consider giving awards to the Catholic Press letter writers who are making a difference in the church and the society by their power of the pen.

Cajetan Peter D'Souza


The Christian Workers' Movement joins Bishop Thomas Macwan and the people of Diocese of Ahmedabad in registering our protest against the Government of Gujarat's decision of not renewing the contract of the agreement of the Narol Leprosy Hospital in Ahmedabad Diocese that was run by the Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate [SMMI]. The hard work rendered by the SMMI Sisters were remarkable and it brought solace and caring to the hundreds of leprosy patients who flocked the hospital for care, recognition and acceptance. The hospital that was founded in 1949, is the biggest hospital in Asia, and for the past fifty seven years, the Government has automatically been renewling this Agreement with the Catholic Diocese of Ahmedabad for the administration of the hospital and the care of leprosy patients.

The Christian Workers' Movement appeals to Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and to the Government of Gujarat to renew the contract of Narol Leprosy Hospital that would help many leprosy patients in Gujarat, and in particular in Ahmedabad. We would also like to appreciate the tireless work of the SMMI Sisters who are helping the leprosy patients and also the HIV -AIDS patients.

Cajetan Peter D'Souza



I was delighted to view this site, A great effort by you and a great opportunity
for the community to express it .Keep it up!
I am 5 year old in mumbai and yesterday for the first time I read DIVO, I
liked the weekly very much and seriously considering a year subscription.

George DíSouza



Good work. Now I will visit your site daily.

C. J. Fernandes




I find your effort on internet very praiseworthy. But, as I wrote a post to you earlier, I cannot grasp what is so secular about all this when you present just one confession - Mangalore Catholic - of Christians.
For Divo, too, I cannot understand it in the sense Konkani is more than Mangalore Catholic.
Don't you think you should break these barriers. 

For this reason: If you call all this secular wouldn't RSS, VHP and BD have the right to call
themselves secular and presented Hindutva - in point of fact as a majority?
Herein lies a major Catholic, Mangalorean problem. Don't you think so?

Dr. William Robert Da Silva
University of Osnabruck, Germany.

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