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About Ourselves

The Secular Citizen Group
An organisation dedicated to the betterment of Indian Christians such as
* All-round Welfare and development of Indian Christian Community.
* Social, economic, business, family interaction among fellow christians and organisations  
   across the nation and world-over
* To encourage, support entreprenueal activities among Indian Christians, there by making
   the community economically strong.
* To give world-wide exposure to Christian talents
* To enrich the rich culture and traditions of Indian Christians.
* To Provide National and International opportunities for Christian Youth.
* And to do all that is to achieve these and other aims we seek material, moral and financial support, cooperation, from members of the community spread world-over in their own specialised field.


The Secular Citizen
A family weekly publication providing latest updates concerning the community and issues facing the community.


Illustrated Konkani Weekly in Kannada Script, widely circulated in Mangalore, Bombay and The Gulf.


Royal Christian Family
Provides wide choices of Christian Brides and Grooms for the communities eligibles. Serving since 18 years.


An internet site for all above activities and more.


Divo Publication
Publishes books in Konkani and English


The Secular Citizen Publications
Printers and Publishers of books, magazines, directories, etc.